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What is the throtle function?

Throttling is a method that ensures a function attached to an event is executed no more than once within a specified time interval, regardless of how frequently the event is triggered by the user.

Here is an example of simple, ready-to-use implementation of the `throttledScroll` function in JavaScript.

function throttle(func, delay) {
    let timeoutId;
return (...args) => {
  if (!timeoutId) {
      timeoutId = setTimeout(() => {
        timeoutId = null;
      }, delay);
const handleScroll = () => console.log(“Scrolled!”);
// Can execute once per second (1000ms)
const throttledScroll = throttle(handleScroll, 1000);

//Example binding for a dom element
scrollableDOMElement.addEventListener(‘scroll’, throttledScroll);
What is the throtle function?
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