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September 26, 2023
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October 11, 2023

October 6, 2023

Dart Isolates vs. Threads in C

Dart Isolates vs. Threads in C:

Dart isolates are similar to threads in C in that they allow for concurrent execution of tasks. However, there's a key difference:

  • Isolation: In Dart isolates, each isolate runs independently in its own memory space, similar to separate processes. This isolation prevents direct memory sharing, making it safer and easier to write concurrent code without worrying about race conditions or shared memory issues.
  • Threads in C: Threads in C share the same memory space, which can lead to complex synchronization problems when multiple threads access shared data concurrently. Careful use of locks and synchronization mechanisms is required to avoid issues like race conditions.

In summary, Dart isolates and threads in C both support concurrency, but isolates provide a higher level of isolation, reducing the risk of concurrent programming pitfalls compared to threads in C.

Dart Isolates vs. Threads in C
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