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Bosphorus Industrial Software Solutions (BISS) is a Software Solutions company, where veterans specialized in solutioning IoT Applications and Embedded Systems came together. Each one of the engineers has vast amounts of experience at leading Technology Development companies and is expert in his/her respective work area. Empowered by Technology and Innovation, BISS provides modern solutions and products in areas such as Embedded Systems, DevOps Architecture, Test Automation, Code Quality.


Provide state-of-the-art technology solutions tailored to modern needs of the ecosystem.


Become the leading technology and innovation factory of Turkey.


BISS Team is here to find the best solutions for your business so that you can adapt quickly to the changing business world, customer needs and changing technologies.

Embedded Systems

From bare-metal to real time operating systems and from creating custom Linux-based systems to complex Linux applications, BISS Team provides end-to-end solutions, tailored for your business needs.

Complex system areas, i.e. Building Automation, Automotive, Connected Devices and Communication Protocols, i.e. CANbus, ModBus, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, BACNET, Ethernet, Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, Infrared are main focus areas of the team.

IoT Applications

Industry 4.0 is the era, where machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and IoT Applications are crucial for even our daily lives.

We are here to find the best solutions for your business, enabling state of the art Cloud and Edge Technologies.


Nowadays, it is not enough to provide a working and tested system to customers or users.

In a world, where technology and customer demands change rapidly, the ability to adapt swiftly and apply new changes smoothly is one of the biggest problems that every R&D company is facing today.

As your BISS Team, using the latest CI / CD tools, it is our primary duty to carry out the necessary investigations, generate reports and assess the possible risks in advance to prepare your systems for this changing world.

Test Automation

Working software or systems are good.

Fully Tested working software or systems is better.

But the best is the software or systems which test itself and report automatically and periodically.

Test automation is performed when tests are repetitive, difficult or impossible to perform manually. Various test automation tools (open-source or commercial) are used depending on requirements of the project. Main aim of using test automation is to reach a shorter test execution duration than manual testing and extend the test coverage.

BISS is here with you to determine and report possible bugs before going live, by using latest test automation and reporting tools.

Code Quality

Working code is best, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t cause any problems in the future. It will be a high level step for your company to determine the possible problems in advance and prevent them from happening again.

BISS Team will be your guide with latest automated code analysis tools, reporting and code / test writing rules to keep your code and test coverage as high as posible.

Our Products

Smart Door Lock

Why bother with carrying the keys for your apartment or the office, when the only thing that we cannot do without, our smartphones, are always with us? Smart Door Lock will transform your traditional door, allowing you to securely lock/unlock your door, even remotely from anywhere. Customizing it to your needs, you can give access to anyone for a certain period of time or completely lock down the system, requiring an admin password for entry.

Sales Manager

A light-weight web application, for Client Account planning, especially designed for businesses still using excel (or even note books) for such purposes. In today’s digital world, you should only focus on growing your business, leaving the rest to Sales Manager.


From resource management to budgeting and forecasting, business management needs to track lots of different topics for efficient planning and decision making. For these purposes, many companies are still using excel spreadsheets that need dedicated people to collect and analyze the data from multiple sources. A self-sufficient ERP tool will help businesses to spend less time on collecting data and allows them to utilze their time on boosting up their business efficiency.


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